Company Party

A special cause for a celebration, an annual party or even just another Friday night – IJ-Events is the ideal venue to host any kind of party.


With an industrial feel & look paired with flexibility in space, you can create any backdrop to your themed party, leaving all your guests impressed! Have a look at our impression page or plan a location visit to discuss the numerous possibilities with our team – remember that your event is unique and we’re here to enhance that uniqueness!.


In-house the industrial location of IJ-Events is located a restaurant that has been operating since 2005. Restaurant Café de IJ-Kantine is accustomed to hosting large groups, providing delicious snacks to all out dinners. As a kick off to your party you may consider welcoming and serving delicate snacks during the evening. You can count on our chef to suggest several options that are fitting to your theme.


Each company party is unique in it’s own way and therefore the technical supplies that you need for the evening will differ. We work with reliable suppliers that are experts in their field and will suggest the right equipment you need. You are free to choose your own supplier if you prefer to do so. Please inform us in due time so that we can discuss the possibilities with them too!
From IJ-Events you can count on facilities such as free WI-FI internet, disabled toilets, audio and visual installation in meeting rooms and wireless microphones.

Lay out space

The large venue of Ij-Events offers a high degree of flexibility for your company party. Plan a location visit to view the venue and get inspired on where you place your stage, the DJ , the speakers and how to create the perfect lights. Remember that the building is fully transparent, which creates an incredible view overlooking the IJ, both during the day and night.

Why IJ-Events?
  • Our experienced team will cater to your every need
  • The view of the IJ-river is breathtaking
  • Industrial, flexible venue with lots of daylight
  • Guaranteed good food from our in-house kitchen
  • Also accessible by boat, dock at 50 meters
  • Excellent accessibility by public transport
  • Gorgeous, large waterside terrace
  • We believe everything is possible

We are happy to show you the location.